MMA Twitter goes in hard on Jorge Masvidal after Colby Covington attack reports

The legions of MMA fans on Twitter have reacted to allegations of a Jorge Masvidal attack on Colby Covington on Monday evening.

The duo were previously ‘best friends, ‘ having been training partners for years. However, after an incident involving payments to coaches, Masvidal fell out with Covington, and the two have engaged in a bitter rivalry ever since.

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Earlier this month, Masvidal and Covington headlined the UFC 272 card to settle the feud. It appears, however, that the fight inside the octagon didn’t squash their beef.

On Monday night in Miami, Covington was out for dinner with the YouTube group The Nelk Boys. After the dinner, a video went viral, as captured here by TMZ, of Covington surrounded by police shortly after an alleged altercation with Masvidal.

After the fight, Masvidal released a video on his Twitter, in which he mentioned Covington and a ‘show your face’ challenge.

Sources say that Masvidal attacked Covington as he left the restaurant.

Here’s how the Twitter world reacted to the news of the fight.

Twitter blows up with Jorge Masvidal after Colby Covington attack

Since news broke of the fight, Twitter has exploded with their reactions. Unsurprisingly, the majority are in favour of Covington. It must be one of the first times he has received majority support from the public in recent years.

Jack McGuire tweeted the following:

“I’m sorry. Jorge Masvidal attacked Colby Covington at a Miami restaurant???? And is bragging about it online???

“Dude, you had 25 minutes to fight him in a cage. You lost. You threw your best punch and barely hurt him.

“Colby P4P #1. King of Miami.”

The MMA Dude tweeted the following alongside the video of Covington surrounded by police:

“Colby looks REALLY HURT GUYS. He’s calmly sipping his drink lol. Masvidal is such a clown.”

TomRolinson mocked Masvidal: “If only there was a way Jorge Masvidal could fight Colby Covington in some sort of sanctioned setting where, after 25 minutes, we would know for certain who the better fighter was…”

Social media star Bob Menery, who was with Covington on Monday night and can be seen in the video with him, tweeted the following:

“All I can say is I’m extremely disappointed in @GamebredFighter as a professional fighter tonight. You let down a lot of people tonight bro. Disappointed.”

How did the UFC fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington go?

As mentioned earlier, the pair headlined the UFC 272 card at the T-Mobile Arena on 5 March. In an encounter where both fighters had their moments, the more dominant Covington came out victorious via unanimous decision.

YouTube video

Masvidal shone in brief moments, including dropping his opponent to one knee in the fourth round. However, on the whole, Covington was the better fighter and deserved to take home the win.