Nani: Top five goals of the Manchester United legend’s career

At the peak of his powers, Nani was nothing short of phenomenal, so to celebrate his career, we’re looking back at his top five goals.

Blessed with sensational skills, the Portuguese maestro terrorised the Premier League, with his outrageous speed and innate ability to cut through defenders like a hot knife through butter.

After signing for Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in 2007, the winger enjoyed eight successful seasons at Old Trafford, winning four league titles and a Champions League for good measure. So, without further ado, let’s roll back the years.

5) Nani vs Wigan

While Nani was always a danger when let loose, he also presented an enormous threat from set pieces. In a clash with Wigan, showcasing his remarkable eye for goal, the icon curled the ball over the wall and into the back of the net, leaving a static Chris Kirkland helpless.

4) Nani vs Bolton

In a moment in which the athlete exhibited just how ruthless he could be, he ploughed through a bamboozled Bolton defence en route to the edge of the box, where he unleashed a stunning effort that flew past the shot-stopper.

The run from his own half really put Nani’s talent into perspective at his best, he was truly unstoppable.

3) Nani vs Manchester City

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In a Community Shield clash, Sir Alex Ferguson’s men knew they needed to produce a big performance. And when it mattered most, Nani rose to the occasion. Playing as a team, United moved the ball through the middle, slicing Manchester City in half, until it made its way to the European Championship winner, who produced a lovely skill move to glide through the defence before lofting the ball over a furious Joe Hart.

2) Nani vs Tottenham Hotspur

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There’s no better way to introduce yourself to a new crowd than bagging an absolute screamer. In a bid to fend away the imposing United threat, Tottenham attempted to clear the ball. Alas, their efforts soon went awry, when it landed at the feet of Nani.


Rather than attempting to rebuild the attack, he struck the ball with incredible venom, sending it hurtling into the goal from 30 yards out.

1) Nani vs Derby County

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While all of the goals we’ve witnessed today have a right to sit atop the throne; only one can claim the gold. And we think you’ll agree that this epic strike deserves the crown.

In the greatest kick of his life, Nani nailed the ball with awe-inspiring velocity, sending it whizzing into the top bins to the amazement of his adoring supporters watching with open mouths.

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