Nick Kyrgios blasts fan ‘disrespect’, eats sushi during fiery Wimbledon press conference

Nick Kyrgios is one of the most controversial figures in tennis, and he was at it again yesterday when he blasted fans in an unorthodox press conference at Wimbledon.

Controversy seems to follow Kyrgios everywhere he goes. This year, the Australian has had run-ins with umpires and judges at the Australian Open and the Miami Open.

At Wimbledon 2022, that trend does not appear to have changed.

Kyrgios criticises the line judge

The Australian faced Britain’s Paul Jubb in the first round of the historic tournament and failed to keep his cool once more. After Jubb took the first set 6-3, Kyrgios was visibly angered by the officials.

He labelled the line judge a “snitch” and claimed she had “no fans,” as well as hammering the ball out of the court earlier in the match.

In addition to an already eventful clash, there have now emerged even more details of the Aussie’s conduct.

Kyrgios later confirmed that he spat at fans during the match, who he has claimed were “disrespectful” towards him.

Kyrgios conducts bizarre press conference

The Australian won his first-round match, but needed a fifth set to defeat Jubb, ranked world number 219.

After his victory, the 27-year-old arrived to meet the media, eating a box of sushi. He continued to tuck into his snack between fielding questions from the press, appearing to show little desire to wait until after the conference had concluded.

He responded to claims that he spat at fans, stating: “In the direction of one of the people disrespecting me, yes.

“I would not do that to someone who was supporting me.”

He added: “A lot of disrespect was being thrown today from the crowds. I’m just starting to think that it’s normal when it’s really not.

“I didn’t say anything to the crowd until they started just every time I came down to the far end, people just going. It’s just I don’t know if it’s normal or not.

“Just pure disrespect, just anything. Someone just yelled out I was s**t in the crowd today. Is that normal? No. I just don’t understand why it’s happening over and over again.

“Have you ever gone to a supermarket and just started berating someone scanning the groceries? No. So why do they do it when I’m at Wimbledon? Why is that?”

He then referred to the line judge as an “old man” for missing a decision.

Kyrgios’ decision to eat during the conference was labelled as “disrespectful” by tennis fans on social media.

Given that the Aussie has thrown up this many talking points in only the first round of Wimbledon 2022, we had better buckle up for what is certain to be a thrilling ride.

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