‘No official winner’ – rules for Mayweather vs Paul exhibition revealed

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Logan Paul will not have an official winner or judges present at ringside, it has been announced.

The exhibition bout will take place this Sunday in Miami, with YouTuber Paul competing in just his second competitive fight.

But whilst there won’t be an official ‘winner’, knockouts and referee stoppages are permitted.

The bout will take place over eight three-minute rounds, and both fighters will use 12oz gloves. Headgear is not permitted.

A spokesperson for Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation revealed these rules to ESPN.

As the fight is an exhibition match, the result will not be applied to the professional records of either Mayweather or Paul.

What have Mayweather and Paul had to say prior to fight?

Speaking to Showtime, Mayweather called the fight a “legalised bank robbery”.

He said: “I believe in working smarter, not harder.

“So if it’s something easy like [Paul fight], a legalised bank robbery, I gotta do it. I have to do it.

“My nickname is ‘Money’ for a reason. I worked extremely hard for years and years to get to a certain level. A level where we can start calling everything an event.”

Paul, meanwhile, told Sky Sports that he has dreamt of knocking out his esteemed opponent “every night”.

He explained: “All I do is visualise. I know what I have to do, I know what it’s going to look like, standing across from Floyd, looking in his eyes.

“He’s going to be smiling, I’m sure. Taunting me a little bit. I’ve seen it, all of it.

“Every night. Every night [dreamt of knocking Mayweather out]. Indescribable. Pure elation.”

In May, he said (via BBC Sport): “I am representing the guy who was counted out, the guy who believed in himself so much that his unrelenting belief in himself propelled him to success. That’s me.

“I don’t just think I can beat him. I know I can beat him.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty