Oktagon MMA 39: Christian Jungwirth secures big win in Munich ahead of Tipsport Gamechanger

On Saturday night, Christian Jungwirth and Denilson Neves de Oliveira collided in a thrilling main event at Oktagon MMA 39.

Since its inception in 2016, the promotion has exploded in Europe, with fans across the continent flooding into the arenas to get a piece of the atmosphere and high-level match-ups.

Following two sold-out shows in Frankfurt, Oktagon MMA headed to Munich for the very first time, and the event didn’t disappoint. In front of a screaming crowd, Jungwirth collided with ‘Trator’, knowing his place in the Tipsport Gamechanger hung in the balance.

Throughout his career, the formidable fighter has made a reputation for his all-action style, setting a pace so fearsome even the most resilient of operators would fall foul to the unrelenting pressure. However, possibly with the shot of 1,000,000 on his mind, he took a more tactical approach.

Christian Jungwirth defeats Denilson Neves de Oliveira at Oktagon MMA 39

As the first round unfolded, the nervous spectators watched on as their man struggled with his opponent’s sniper-like strikes. However, in a testament to his ever-evolving cage IQ, with the round coming towards its end, he burst into life, scoring a big take-down.

The-35-year-old continued to ride his wave of momentum into the second segment, utilising his superior grappling to outwork the Brazilian. At this point, the pendulum appeared to have completely swung in the Stuttgart man’s favour. However, as the third round commenced, De Oliveira landed a brutal shot, sending Jungwirth hurtling towards the canvas.

Unsurprisingly, the warrior rose to his feet and survived the rest of the round. But as the final bell rang, a feeling of unease descended upon in the arena.

In a terrific contest, the fighters displayed an incredible array of skills, with both of them clearly winning a round apiece. Ultimately, it all came down to who’d done enough in a razor-tight opening five minutes.

The pair stood in the centre of the cage, as the announcer confirmed the split decision verdict. Then, to the delight of the thousands in attendance, Jungwirth was declared the winner.

However, he couldn’t enjoy the moment for long. He quickly found himself in a face-off with Tipsport Gamechanger rival, Tato Primera.

In just three weeks, the martial artist will return to the cage at Oktagon MMA 40, with his dream of becoming a millionaire still very much alive.

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Alexander Poppeck makes a statement in Oktagon MMA 39 co-main

Prior to the headline attraction, two German rivals met in a domestic grudge match, between the new school and the old school. Since his debut in the promotion, Alexander Poppek has looked like a future champion. With outrageous power and a sublime ground game, on paper, it looked like a tall order for Martin Zawada.

However, an unphased ‘King Kong’ entered the cage, determined to give it everything he had. But ultimately, he couldn’t cope with his nemesis’ youth and physical strength.

Over three brutal rounds, Poppek painted the canvas with his opponent’s blood, which came in the form of a cut opened up by a thunderous elbow.

As the contest concluded, the pair showed a mark of respect. While the younger man is clearly ready for bigger things, the entire arena clapped in acknowledgement of the legacy of a true German legend who isn’t quite done yet.

Featured Image Credit: Oktagon MMA