Patrice Evra highlights problem with social media’s fight against racism

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra says that social media companies must do more when it comes to removing abuse on their platforms.

Speaking to Sky Sports about racism in football, Evra pointed out that tweets and posts about certain subjects are immediately flagged or banned on different posts – and the same should go for abuse.

He explained: “I think the platforms should do something more.

“Because of course you can delete the comments, they can block people and everything.

“But I’m sorry, when it’s COVID news, straight away you get the flag on any social media. When it’s about nudity, Instagram can ban it straight away.

“So don’t tell me those platforms can do nothing about the racism. But it’s going to be a long process.”

Twitter labels or removes any false or misleading information about COVID-19 under its Covid-19 misleading information policy.

Instagram, meanwhile, does not allow nudity on its platform except in a select few contexts, such as health-related situations.

Evra – “Education is really important”

Evra added that he believes education is key in the fight against racism, and wants clubs and players to interact with fans in order to educate them.

He said: “It will always be there but let’s not stop working. And let’s stop saying just in England. It’s everywhere. Every single country.

“If we don’t do something, racism will always be there because it’s been there for so many years.

“You know we need to change and that’s why education is really important.

“I want those clubs to invest in education, to meet the fans, for the players to speak to the fans, maybe a group of fans and tell what they feel when they get abused because of their colour.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty