Patrik Kincl questions how Karlos Vemola will react after losing at Oktagon MMA 43

After an incredible rivalry that will go down in Czech folklore, Patrik Kincl finally evened the score with Karlos Vemola at Oktagon MMA 43.

Inside a packed house at the O2 Arena in Prague, the two national heroes walked to the cage, knowing their legacies were on the line. But while ‘The Terminator’ just wanted to prove he was the dominant operator, for Kincl, it meant so much more.

For five long years, ‘The Inspector’ was haunted by the memory of what happened the first time he clashed with Vemola.

Knowing he’d succumbed to the weight of expectation, he was desperate to get the rematch and prove he had the minerals to get the job done. And under the lights, when it mattered most, he rose to the occasion.

As the two legends faced off, the crowd burst into life, knowing they were about to witness something special.

In the early rounds, Vemola utilised his superior grappling to pin his opponent to the cage, landing takedowns and shots on the ground. But as the battle rolled on, Kincl warmed to the task, landing an array of heavy shots.

By the end of the contest, the first Czech fighter to compete in the UFC looked like he’d been through the trenches, while his nemesis looked fresh as a daisy. However, due to his cage control, some, including Oktagon icon, David Kozma, thought Vemola might have done enough to get the win.

As the final bell rang, the two continued to go back and forth, suggesting this grudge is long from settled. But they were soon separated and forced to anxiously wait as the judges tallied up their scores.

Patrik Kincl defeats arch-rival Karlos Vemola at Oktagon MMA 43

In a moment that will live in his memory till the end of his days, Kincl rejoiced as the referee raised his hand in the air.

After half a decade of online abuse and ridicule, he finally got his moment, and he couldn’t have been happier.

Overcome with emotion, he thanked his fans before heading to the press conference with his belt proudly wrapped around his waist.

And after telling our Preston reporter that he ‘loved’ his accent, he revealed just how important the victory was to him.

He told SPORF: “It means a lot to me. I started with MMA, oh s**t, 20 years ago now. It’s been a crazy journey for me. I started in small pubs, and now, I’m in the O2 Arena for the biggest event in Czech history. It’s amazing. It’s a great win for me, so I’m happy as f**k.”

With monumental pressure on his shoulders, a weaker man would have fallen apart — but not Kincl; it’s simply not in his nature.

The 33-year-old claimed: “I was pretty confident today, and over the last year. People talk about mind games, but I don’t give a f**k about that. It was personal to me. I had to handle my own emotions. But I was pretty cool with the game plan and with my training.”

However, while the Oktagon champion is experiencing the best moment of his life, Vemola is devastated.

With a flashy lifestyle and awe-inspiring charisma, it’s difficult to conceive how he’ll react to such a massive defeat. And Kincl is just as intrigued as everyone else.

He said: “I don’t know, and I’m curious about it. I have no clue.”


Featured Image Credit: Oktagon