Paul Heyman makes obscure ‘fantasy’ analogy about The Rock vs Reigns

Paul Heyman has given a rather vulgar assessment of the rumours linking The Rock with a match against Roman Reigns.

After securing arguably a career-best victory at WrestleMania 38, Reigns has solidified himself as the biggest star in WWE.

‘The Tribal Chief’ spectacularly pinned Brock Lesnar to unify the WWE and Universal Championships. The win put beyond all doubt that he’s the man to beat in the company.

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After enduring a mixed reception from fans in the early portion of his career, Reigns is now one of the most popular stars in WWE.

He’s slowly but surely laying out every superstar in the company, and he doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Therefore, he needs an opponent who can really get his juices flowing. And who better than The Rock?

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Could we see Roman Reigns vs The Rock?

Although ‘The Tribal Chief’ is the face of today, his cousin ruled the roost alongside ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in the late 90s to early 00s.

The Rock captivated audiences around the globe with his supreme performances and sensational talent on the mic. “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?” comes to mind.

However, despite still keeping himself in magnificent shape, his appearances in the ring are few and far between. He’s transcended the world of wrestling to become a Hollywood icon, starring in hits like Jumanji and Baywatch.

But if WWE’s latest hints are anything to go by, the 50-year-old could potentially look to free up some time in his calendar.

During an episode of ‘Young Rock‘, the main character is having a grand old time watching wrestling with his family. But then, out of nowhere, he’s blindsided by a young Joe Anoa’i (Reigns), who jumps on his back and asks him to wrestle.

The Rock responds: “No, the world’s not ready. A match that big can only happen at WrestleMania.”

There is mass speculation that we could see this monstrous match-up in the near future. But Heyman, naturally, isn’t sure whether the elder cousin is up for the challenge against the current face of the company.

Paul Heyman makes obscure comments about The Rock

Heyman doesn’t think The Rock would stand a chance against his client, despite winning ten world titles throughout his storied career.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling (quotes via WrestlingInc), he said: “It’s up to Dwayne Johnson. If Dwayne Johnson wants to be embarrassed, and humiliated, and smashed in front of the entire world against Roman Reigns, he’s welcome to step in against the Tribal Chief.

“Imagine the box office that could be driven by Roman Reigns vs Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in which you get to see the Tribal Chief smash The Rock.”

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Heyman then made a somewhat obscene analogy that will leave some fans in hysterics and others in disbelief.

He continued: “We can speculate all we want about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson stepping into the ring with Roman Reigns. It’s masturbatory fantasies until there’s a piece of paper in front of us with Dwayne Johnson’s signature on it. Then I know it’s real.

“And until then, it’s just fantasy. It’s a fantasy of Dwayne Johnson’s to come to get the rub from the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. It’s a fantasy of Dwayne Johnson to feel the energy of a hundred thousand people live cheering on as the Tribal Chief smashes The Rock, and it’s a fantasy of Dwayne Johnson to step into the ring with the greatest of all time, Roman Reigns, then, now, and forever.

“And until he puts his name on a contract, it’s just his fantasy.”

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