Roman Reigns gives brilliant reaction to viral TikTok entrance video

In the age of social media, connecting with your heroes is easier than ever before, but a group of fans still wouldn’t have expected this epic response from Roman Reigns after they re-enacted his popular entrance.

‘The Tribal Chief’ has cemented himself as one of the biggest stars in the business over the last two years. Through his powers of self-belief and constant grind, he’s resonated with fans in a way that makes him a fan favourite, despite his heel character.

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At WrestleMania 38, he solidified his status as a bonafide future Hall of Famer with the most significant victory of his career. The 36-year-old avenged his previous defeats to Brock Lesnar in front of 78,453 fans at the AT&T Stadium. He pinned ‘The Beast Incarnate’ and unified the WWE Championship and Universal Championship.

Reigns is undeniably the face of the company. But his success hasn’t come without some help. He’s formed a villainous stable alongside his cousins Jey and Jimmy Uso and his manager Paul Heyman.

His associates have joined him along his journey and partially helped shape Roman Reigns’ success story. So it comes as no surprise that they’ve attracted a massive response from the WWE Universe.

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Roman Reigns fan entrance sparks reaction from the man himself

The entrance of the ‘Bloodline’ has become particularly well-liked, with the quarter showing off a plethora of different titles. They calmly stride to the ring with the belts around their shoulders. Consequently, a group of fans have taken to TikTok to mimic the iconic walk.


Reply to @iamdikeh here you go ?! #wwe #fyp #headofthetable #romanreigns With @realspecialnedu as PAUL HEYMEN ?

♬ original sound – Tribal Chief.

The star of the show, who is portraying Reigns, strides out confidently, while two more WWE fans emerge carrying the tag team straps. In time with the music, the fan playing Hayman passes the ‘Tribal Chief’ tribute act two cardboard belts, which he proudly lifts in the air.

The video went down a storm, with over 100,000 users liking ebukadikeh’s post.

But as much as the reaction from his followers must have been heartwarming, getting a response from the ‘Bloodline’ themselves is an entirely different matter.

The four WWE stars watch the video together and made their judgements.

Roman points at the smallest group member and says: “Look at this little wise man.”

A disgruntled Heyman then protests: “I think we should file a lawsuit on them.

His reaction spikes anger from Jey, who suggests: “Let’s get them. We’ll whoop their a*s too.”

But then Reigns begins to smile before he gleefully says: “I like it. They acknowledged me.”

Featured Image Credit: WWE / Twitter