Pedri looks completely different after playing 72 games in a single season

Barcelona and Spain star Pedri has played 72 games this season – and Twitter seems to think it’s taken a toll on him as the end of the Summer Olympics approaches.

Since his campaign got underway in September 2020, the 18-year-old has been at the forefront of the operation for both club and country. He’s done a solid job of handling the responsibility put in front of him but along the way, it’s bound to make an impact on his physical wellbeing.

Does Pedri need a rest?

Being part of the first team at the Nou Camp, on its own, features the kind of pressure that most players can’t even begin to comprehend, especially as a teenager. It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world and when you double that up with the Euros and the Olympics, it’s somewhat shocking to see how much Pedri has already accomplished.

In the following images, though, the phrase “burn out” definitely comes to mind.

He’s set to feature for Spain in the upcoming gold medal match against Brazil but after that you’d imagine there will be some time allocated for rest and recuperation. Everyone wants to see these players compete at the highest level every single week but if there isn’t downtime for them to heal, it could have lasting effects.

Barca are in their final preparations for the start of the new La Liga season but Pedri won’t even be thinking about that right now. His focus will be on capturing that gold medal alongside his fellow Spaniards in what will almost certainly be their trickiest game yet against the Brazilians. That match will take place just after midday on Saturday.

Then, he’ll sit back and watch on August 15 when Barcelona open up their league campaign by hosting Real Sociedad.

Featured image credit: Getty