Reporter makes hilarious error pronouncing Man City’s name

Sky Sports’ own Gary Cotterill made quite the amusing blunder when discussing Harry Kane’s potential move to Manchester City.

The summer transfer window has featured a multitude of big stories in recent weeks across both the Premier League and Europe as a whole, but as we know, the rumoured big business is yet to come as reigning English champions Manchester City prepare to open up the wallet and make some big moves.

Gary Cotterill – broadcasting icon

Their two primary targets are going to be Harry Kane and Jack Grealish of Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa respectively, with the former of those two men currently serving as one of the greatest strikers of his generation.

But instead of looking at the serious side of things 24/7, we thought it’d be fun to take a lighter approach by examining the following slip of the tongue by Mr. Cotterill.

“It’s turning into a saga in the vein of Citizen Kane, as Kane fights to become a citizen, to pull on that light blue Manchester S***ty, City shirt before the end of the transfer window”.

Don’t worry about it, Gary, we’ve all done similar – whether it be out of frustration or to make a laugh and a joke out of the most successful British club of this era (domestically speaking).

With respect to the actual core point, though, this is definitely transforming into a transfer story that could stretch all the way through until the end of August.

Kane is currently locked in a cold war with Spurs over where his future lies and has actively refused to attend club training because of it. Some feel as if that’s a petty way of approaching the situation, whereas others can understand his frustration after years of disappointment in North London.

One thing is for sure; Gary Cotterill won’t be getting any Etihad assignments anytime soon.

Featured image credit: Getty