Pele has his say on the Ronaldo and Messi debate

It’s a debate that has raged for the last decade, who is the greatest of all time? Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Ask anyone in the street and you’re likely to get a different answer every time.

Well now Brazilian football legend, Pele, has had his say on the age-old argument, siding with the Portuguese attacker.

His reasoning? Ronaldo’s consistency at the top level.

“Today the best player in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo,” Pele told YouTube channel Pilhado (via Daily Mail.)

YouTube video

“I think he’s the best, because he’s more consistent, but you can’t forget about [Lionel] Messi, of course, but he’s not a striker.”

His input didn’t stop there though, as there was of course someone he believed to be better than the pair of them – himself.

“It is a question that is difficult to answer,” he said when prompted for his GOAT.

“We cannot forget about Zico, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo.

“And in Europe, Franz Beckenbauer and Johan Cruyff.

“Now, it’s not my fault, but I think Pele was better than them all.” he modestly stated.

The Brazilian has a staggering 650 goals in 694 appearances and three World Cups to his name – most of which came during his time at Santos.

Featured image credit: Getty