People can’t get over how strange WWE is behind closed doors

As the Coronavirus continues to cause concern across the globe, all sport has taken a backseat as public safety takes priority above anything else.

With nearly all football now being suspended until further notice, certain sports have continued to go ahead behind closed doors.

One that falls into bracket is WWE – making for some rather bizarre segments.

We all know that with any sport, it’s the fans that make it extra special – though wrestling definitely takes that to the next level – as a recent edition of Smackdown proved.

In particular, an exchange between Bray Wyatt and John Cena made for slightly uncomfortable yet extremely tense viewing.

Props have been given to Wyatt though, with most of the replies actually praising his showmanship in what must be pretty uncomfortable circumstances.

With WrestleMania 36 just a few weeks away, fans are still in the dark of what the event may look like behind closed doors – if it goes ahead at all.

Featured image credit: Getty