Peter Drury produced more magical commentary during Man United vs Liverpool

Peter Drury has become renowned as one of the greatest commentators on the planet, and during Man United vs Liverpool, he produced some more incredible work.

After a horrific start to the season, Red Devils fans feared that their encounter with their biggest rivals could lead to another damaging evening.

However, under the guidance of Erik ten Hag, the players put in an excellent performance, indicating that the Dutchman might just have the minerals to turn things around yet.

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The squad looked completely revitalised and has given supporters a massive amount of hope. Those watching inside Old Trafford lept for joy at the final whistle, as did all the viewers indulging in the action from their living rooms.

However, those viewers who may have had the best experience of the day, were those across the pond.

Peter Drury proved his class with sensational commentary

Throughout his career, Peter Drury has developed a reputation for delivering his words in a magical way. Fans really feel the intensity of the situation, which makes them even more emotionally invested than they already were.

Every football enthusiast remembers where they were when he unleashed the “Greek God in Rome” remark. When Manolas scored the winning goal for Rome in their epic triumph over Barcelona, Drury lost his marbles, and so did those watching at home.

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In addition, he made Wayne Rooney‘s bicycle kick against Manchester City all the more special. And now he’s given Manchester United fans another treat with his commentary over their win against Liverpool.

In anticipation of a potential hiding, supporters did not know what to expect when the game kicked off. But United started strongly, with all the energy that was lacking during their 4-0 defeat at Brentford.

In the 16th minute, Jadon Sancho found the opener, and sent the crowd and, indeed, Drury, into raptures.

You can check out the clip below:

But if that wasn’t enough, he gave the United faithful a second helping in the second half when Marcus Rashford hit the back of the net.

The esteemed professional began to grow in excitement as the England international made his move.

He exclaimed: “It has broken for Martial, and Rashford is ahead of him, if he can let him go. And Marcus Rashford is on his way, and plants it in front of a buoyant Stretford End. Manchester United are living again!”

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