New data ranks the Premier League’s most popular clubs

Manchester United have been revealed as the most popular Premier League club in the world by online search volume.

That is according to new research by bookmakers William Hill, who commissioned a study titled ‘True Colours of Football‘.

The study looked at the popularity of the 20 Premier League clubs across the world, judged via search volume using Google’s location-specific search data across the last decade.

The 20 clubs included are those that participated in the most recent Premier League season. That means that newly promoted Norwich, Watford and Brentford are not in the study.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s Red Devils come out on top in terms of world popularity. However, they have been overtaken by Liverpool when it comes to popularity inside the UK.

Liverpool and United are most popular in 72% of all nations.

Let’s take a look at the popularity of teams in each continent:

South America

The most top-flight club in Brazil is Liverpool, with the Reds also topping the list in Peru.

Manchester United are most popular in Chile, Uruguay and Ecuador.

Premier League champions Manchester City are the most popular in two countries in South America, with 100 search volume in Bolivia and Venezuela.

Leeds United, meanwhile, are the most popular team in Argentina, whilst Newcastle United are most popular in Paraguay.

Everton come out on top in Colombia – potentially as a result of the signing of Colombian superstar James Rodriguez last summer.

North America

Liverpool and Manchester United dominate North America in terms of popularity, with a few exceptions.

Manchester City are the most popular in Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama.

Liverpool top the list in Mexico. They are closely followed by Wolverhampton Wanderers, who have Mexican striker Raul Jimenez in their ranks.


Chelsea are the most popular Premier League club in large parts of West and Central Africa. The Champions League winners top the list in countries such as Morocco, Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Most of Southern Africa is where Manchester United are most popular, with Arsenal taking top spot in Uganda, Ethiopia and Gabon.

Manchester City are a huge 74 ahead of second-placed Liverpool in terms of search volume in Algeria.


The most popular club in the United Kingdom has been revealed as Liverpool, who have a 100 search volume.

Behind them are Manchester United (99.31), Arsenal (68.73) and Tottenham Hotspur (47.5).

The least popular club in terms of search volume is Brighton, who recorded a figure of 6.53.

Most of Europe has Liverpool or Manchester United as its most popular Premier League club.

Chelsea top the list in the Czech Republic, Moldova and Kazakhstan.


Most of Central Asia is dominated by Manchester United in terms of each country’s most popular club.

Liverpool are the most popular in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria.

Arsenal are the leading club in the Phillipines. Spurs – who have South Korean star Son Heung-Min in their ranks – are most popular in South Korea.

Featured Image Credit: Getty