Pretty Deadly pick out their match to watch at Hell in a Cell

WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV is now just days away, and there are some monstrous matches that have already been announced for the show.

Bayley and Sasha Bank’s mega-feud will come to a head inside the cell, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton will face off for the third time since Summerslam, and the returning Elias will go head-to-head with the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy.

However, it’s the family feud between Roman Reigns and his cousin Jey Uso that is turning the heads of NXT UK’s hottest tag team ‘Pretty Deadly’

Roman Reigns & Jey Uso face off again inside Hell in a Cell (© WWE)

The team of Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley were a staple feature across the UK’s indie scene before signing with WWE earlier this year.

And both gave a glowing report of how the tribal chief gimmick that Roman has worked since returning to our TV screens.

“I think what Roman Reigns is bringing at the moment- his work before was always top notch, but what he’s bringing is something new and somehow even better,” stated Sam.

“We watched the Clash of Champions together and we were blown away”

“The emotion they were managing to pull out of you with that last match was really something else and you know they’re gonna bring it again, and if anything, they’re gonna come with more which I think is gonna blow everyone away,” interjected Lewis.

“It’s different gravy now, know what I mean?”

It’s hard to disagree with (arguably) the most fashionable duo in sports entertainment today.

Speaking of which, it seems the Fashionista of NXTUK Jinny has upset the apple cart when she revealed her best and worst fashion sense in the brand.

In an exclusive interview with the Go Home Show Podcast, she revealed herself to be have the best fashion choice and Amir Jordan to have the worst – which he objected to on Twitter.

When Pretty Deadly discovered Jinny’s omission of them, they had their own say on the matter.

Howley stated: It’s probably quite clear that it comes from a sense of jealousy, a sense of insecurity. You know we’ve got someone who walks around calling herself the ‘Fashionista’ and ‘ooh look at me!’”

He continued: “If you walk around saying that, you know it coms from a place of insecurity. Me and Sam, we know we look good so we don’t have to go round saying it to everybody. 

Of course, that wasn’t the final say on the matter as Jinny responded with an amusing dig at Lewis Howley’s shirt from the video stating ‘is that your grandmother’s hand me down?’

Whoever can be classed as the most fashionable in NXTUK, it’s clear to see there is a big debate about it.

And going off the James Bond style photoshoot, there’s a few more names to throw in to the hat.

Stepping out of their WWE wrestling gear and into glam evening wear, the superstars’ photoshoot was at the London location used for 007’s club, Blades. Celebrating the return of WWE NXT UK to our screens here in the UK every Friday night on BT Sport 1, the Superstars are bringing a touch of London glamour to the world of Sports Entertainment. 

Featured Image: WWE