Quincy Promes suspected of drug trafficking after admitting to attempted murder

The Quincy Promes story has taken another dramatic turn as the football has been accused of drug trafficking.

As per The Guardian, the Dutchman was charged with attempted manslaughter after stabbing his cousin at a family gathering in November. His victim sustained an injury to his leg but fortunately survived.

Now, his charges will be upped to attempted murder after wiretapped phone calls allegedly caught his confession. Following the attack in Abcoude, Netherlands, the player rang his father to question him about the incident.

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According to NOS, Promes allegedly said: “Why did you jump in front of him? You saved his life. I would have killed him – you understand that, right?”

The Spartak Moscow winger then called his mother and aunt and supposedly made some chilling comments regarding the incident. After finding out where the knife allegedly landed, he replied: “Then he is lucky.”

In the same call, he proceeded to say: “Nobody is going to steal from us. I couldn’t help myself. Sorry, aunt, please forgive me. Everyone forgive me. I couldn’t resist. I love you too much.”

After this conversation, he contacted his father for a second time.

On this occasion, he allegedly said: “My loyalty is to my aunt. Whoever steals from her, I will kill. Period. I’ll kill whoever steals from you, whoever steals from my mother. There are certain people in the family that I would kill for. I don’t care. If anyone is disrespectful or trying to talk about our family, they’ll see how I am.”

“Only then will you see who I am – not the footballer but the other side of me. It’s lucky that I don’t walk with a firearm anymore, or that thing would have been even uglier.”

The saga has now escalated further. The police have accused the footballer of another serious crime.

Quincy Promes accused of drug traficking

After the reveal of his alleged confession, The Public Prosecution Service was asked why they tapped his phone. But they responded: “We do not want to go into that now.” However, De Telegraaf have revealed why the police did what they did.

They suspected the player of involvement in drug trafficking and participation in a criminal organisation. Members of the 30-year-old’s family are currently incarcerated for drug trafficking and money laundering in the same case. Officers discovered that Promes received calls from his nephew from Zaanstad prison on a weekly basis.

As per sources, the sportsman and his family invested their finances in cocaine. Belgian police intercepted 4000 kilograms worth in Antwerp in 2020. This resulted in the arrest of several extractors in Promes’ homeland. The contents of the batch has a massive wholesale value of €120 million. However, the street value of the drugs was significantly larger.

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