Ranking the most realistic outcomes for Arsenal this season

The start of the new domestic season has, to put it bluntly, been pretty bleak for Arsenal fans – and many aren’t feeling hopeful that it’ll improve.

The days of the Gunners being a real force of nature in English and European football have been and gone and it really is that simple. At this stage it’s all about limiting the damage and steadying the ship, but it’s hard to imagine that happening overnight given the circumstances currently surrounding the club.

Very unlikely – relegation battle

As bad as things may get between now and May, and they could get pretty suspect, we don’t think Arsenal are going to actually be in a relegation battle. There are some sides lingering down in the bottom half of the table who are bound to have a difficult season and the Gunners, in theory, should have enough to steer away from the madness that would be a club of their stature being down there.

Pretty unlikely – top six finish

Finishing in the top six used to be a given for a team like Arsenal but that just isn’t the case anymore and it really does make you appreciate what Arsene Wenger was able to do during his time in North London. City, United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Leicester, West Ham and potentially even Villa all feel like more legitimate contenders, and that’s just the harsh truth of the matter.

50/50 – solid cup run

European football isn’t something Arsenal have to concern themselves with throughout this campaign which will hurt some and serve as a blessing in disguise for others. Still, in theory, it does mean they can keep one eye on a nice cup run with the FA Cup being particularly kind to them over the years. Winning it is another matter, but even getting to Wembley would be quite the achievement.

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Likely – managerial change

Mikel Arteta just doesn’t feel like the right man for the job at the Emirates and that’s a harsh truth many supporters need to get their head around. The Spaniard has enjoyed some incredible highs and some unbelievable lows but through that journey one thing has become crystal clear in our mind – he shouldn’t have taken on such a mammoth task so early on in his managerial career.

Very likely – top half finish

Perhaps we just can’t picture a scenario in which Arsenal finishes in the bottom half or maybe, just maybe, it’s unthinkable to suggest a squad as talented as theirs can’t manifest at least a 10th place finish. Anywhere between seventh and 10th is feasible from our point of view and who knows, perhaps that’ll even be enough to edge them into the Europa Conference League.

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