Remembering Lionel Messi’s greatest Champions League goal against Real Madrid ten years on

Ten years ago today, Lionel Messi scored one of the greatest goals in Champions League history.

Barcelona and Real Madrid went toe to toe in a UEFA Champions League semi-final tie for the ages. The stakes involved made the two games incredibly important within the history of El Clasico, and in the first leg, nobody really knew what to expect.

The unstoppable rise of Lionel Messi

That was, of course, until an Argentine wizard popped up and decided to continue building his phenomenal legacy.

After already putting Barca into a 1-0 lead, Messi decided to storm past several Madrid players before rolling the ball past the keeper.

It was an absolutely insane 30-yard dash that got him through on goal and, in reality, nothing we say will do it justice in comparison to the actual footage.

There’s such an elegance behind his movement that it almost looks like he’s not even trying.

Very few players throughout the course of history have possessed that kind of talent, but one name that comes to mind immediately is Diego Maradona. The two men, both Argentinian, could pick up the ball and just glide through the opposition.

The game finished 2-0 and thanks to a 1-1 draw in the second leg, Barca progressed to the final against Manchester United at Wembley.

On that night Messi once again announced himself to the world with a fabulous goal as the Spaniards ran out 3-1 winners at the home of English football.

Now, a decade later, questions continue to be asked regarding the future of Messi at the Nou Camp.

Many clubs are believed to be interested in his services with some suggesting he could actually come over to the Premier League.

Whatever happens, though, Messi’s iconic run in Spain will never be forgotten – and rightly so.

Featured image credit: Getty