Reported PPV figures released for Mayweather vs Paul

The boxing exhibition between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul reportedly sold at least one million pay-per-view buys.

The figure reaffirms the belief of many that, while purists may not like it, celebrity boxing is a lucrative market that will continue to play an important role in combat sports moving forward.

When exactly the bubble is going to burst is anyone’s guess but based on these numbers, it isn’t going to be anytime soon.

The heist of the century?

The Mirror is reporting that between Fanmio and Showtime, $50 million was generated courtesy of the PPV sales – amounting to around one million buys given that the average price was $50.

Mayweather reportedly had a deal in place that would see him earn half of that figure, meaning that between the $10 million flat fee and rumoured $30 million he received from his shorts sponsorship, ‘Money’ may have walked away with up to $65 million from this fight – if not more.

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On the flip side you’ve got Logan Paul who is said to have earned 10% of the PPV fees, which would give him $5 million, alongside a $250,000 flat rate and a “significant” sponsorship deal – the details of which haven’t been released.

Floyd Mayweather has never been shy about discussing his own personal matters and that regularly extends to his earnings. Between this bout and the Conor McGregor superfight alone, Mayweather has been able to reignite the belief that he’s one of the best businessmen in the history of boxing – and potentially all sports.

Logan Paul has also done well to build a brand for himself that has enabled the idea of him vs Floyd Mayweather to be incredibly marketable.

Now, the attention of this sub-genre will turn towards August 28 when Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, will attempt to keep his current run going when he meets former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Featured image credit: Getty