Mike Tyson explains why Floyd Mayweather isn’t the GOAT in boxing

Mike Tyson has revealed why he doesn’t believe Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer of all time.

The ‘GOAT’ conversation is one we all tend to have in most sports and that includes boxing. From the heavyweight division all the way down to the smaller fighters, everyone wants to chip in when discussing the legacy of the very best.

Floyd Mayweather, who holds a 50-0 unbeaten record in pro boxing, is often at the top of the list for many in that conversation.

Tyson, who is regularly seen as one of the best punchers in heavyweight history, weighed in on the debate during an old episode of his podcast that has recently resurfaced in the wake of Mayweather’s latest exhibition.

“Floyd’s a great fighter, don’t get me wrong. He had 50 fights.” He explained.

“Listen, Sugar Ray Robinson had 40 fights. He lost one, then he had a 78-fight winning streak. 

“Forty, lost one, then a 78-fight winning streak, goddamn.”

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“[Julio Cesar Chavez Sr] was 89-0 before he lost. Don’t tell me about, ‘You’re the greatest fighter,’ with 50-0.

“You’re great, no doubt about it, but 50-0? Chavez had 90. 

“He was fighting like, what? Eight times a year? Against whoever was in the rankings. 

“He wasn’t picking, it was, ‘Whoever you want, come on.’”

Within the modern era of boxing there isn’t really anyone who can come close to Mayweather in this debate. Tyson Fury is no doubt one of the best heavyweights in more recent times, but still has big fights ahead of him, whereas Canelo Alvarez has a loss on his record to none other than Floyd Mayweather.

Alas, regardless of who you think has earned this title, the best part is that we’ll never know for sure.

Mayweather most recently got back into the ring for an exhibition bout against Logan Paul last Sunday night, but afterwards, he strongly implied that he is now fully retired from boxing.

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