Amanda Nunes challenges Kim Kardishian to a fight

Two-weight UFC champion Amanda Nunes has issued a tongue-in-cheek challenge to reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Celebrity boxing has been a popular feature of combat sports over the course of the last twelve months and as we look ahead to the immediate future, it doesn’t seem like that trend is going anywhere soon.

Between the Paul brothers, Floyd Mayweather and even Mike Tyson coming back, there’s no telling where this is all going to end.

The madness continues

The whole movement recently prompted Dana White to make the following remarks following the Paul vs Mayweather event, about whether or not he’d ever dip his toe in the water with fights such as these.

“Last night? Oh come on, that was no f***ing boxing match. Like I said before man, there’s always gonna be a market for that kind of stuff. There’s always gonna be people that are willing to put down fifty bucks to watch that kind of stuff.

“That’s just so far away from what I, imagine, think about this, imagine if Kim Kardashian wanted to fight Amanda Nunes, how big do you think that fight would be? It’s huge, it would be the biggest event. But give a f***ing break.”

While he comments obviously weren’t genuine, it didn’t stop Amanda Nunes from jokingly putting forward the idea to Kim K herself.

“Hey @KimKardashian let’s do this? Lol” She wrote.

It goes without saying but we’re kind of hoping Nunes goes in the direction of a third Valentina Shevchenko fight when it comes to “dream” matchups.

Bizarrely Kardashian has actually stepped into the ring before, when she faced off with actress Tamara Frapasella in a losing effort for charity.

Dana White is no fool and if there’s money to be made down the road from one of the Paul brothers competing in the UFC, it wouldn’t be unheard of. After all, he gave CM Punk two chances inside the octagon just a few years ago.

Nunes’ next move looks set to be a UFC women’s bantamweight title defence against Julianna Peña at UFC 265 on August 7.

Featured image credit: Getty