Ricky Hatton says Fury vs Anthony Joshua looks doomed

British boxing legend Ricky Hatton believes Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua is now looking “doomed”.

For the first few months of the year, it seemed as if we were on the right track towards finally seeing Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury meet in their long-awaited superfight. Instead, though, a court of arbitration’s ruling meant Fury instead had to face Deontay Wilder for the third time.

Could “The Hitman” have a point?

A COVID-19 outbreak within Tyson’s camp now means that bout will be pushed from July 24 to October, and during his Metro column, the icon that is Ricky Hatton made it clear that he doesn’t like the way this is heading.

“Boxing fans, we are in limbo again. Tyson Fury’s fight with Deontay Wilder has been postponed which is a huge shame. While a new date is now set for October, we have lost one of the biggest fights of the summer. 

“But what puts a further damper on it for me is the fight we all want, Fury vs Anthony Joshua, now seems further away than ever. What happens now? It all just pushes the fight further back. As a fight fan, you fear the worst, the biggest fight in British boxing history, is it actually going to happen? It just seems we are doomed.”

“When you think about it, Tyson had two comeback fights, he went straight in against Wilder and went straight in for the rematch. He wants to get his career and his legacy done and dusted. Whereas for AJ, the younger, fresher of the two, it doesn’t matter as much if this drags out another two or three years. It does for Tyson. The longer this drags out the better this is for AJ.”

Joshua, on the other hand, has a huge task on his hands when he battles Oleksandr Usyk on September 25.

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