Conor McGregor reveals extent of horrific leg injury

Conor McGregor has spoken about, and revealed images of, his leg injury both prior to and during the Dustin Poirier trilogy fight.

Last Saturday night at UFC 264, McGregor went to war with Poirier for the third time in an intense bout at the T-Mobile Arena. While “The Notorious” was able to get some good shots off for as long as the fight lasted, he stepped back and broke his leg in the final seconds of the first round – leading the cageside doctor to step in and call a stop to proceedings.

McGregor noted after the fact that he was already injured beforehand during an Instagram video but now, he’s also put forward the following images of his leg being wrapped, seemingly in the lead-up to UFC 264.

In terms of the IG post, this is what McGregor had to say for himself.

“I was injured going into the fight,” McGregor said. “People are asking me when was the leg broken and at what point did the leg break.

“Ask Dana White, ask the UFC, ask Dr. Davidson, the head doctor of the UFC – they knew I had stress fractures in my leg going into that cage. 

“There was debate about pulling the thing out because I was sparring with no shin pads and I had kicked a knee a few times so I had multiple stress fractures in the shin bone, above the ankle. And I have trouble with the ankle anyway throughout the years of f***ing fighting all the time.

“I was wrapping my ankle for every training session. I was even doing a lot of training sessions, when the ankle was sore, I still wouldn’t stop training. I used to just train on my back.”

As McGregor continues his recovery, Dustin Poirier will be gearing up for a title shot against Charles Oliveira later this year.

Featured image credit: Getty