Road Dogg doesn’t fully believe The Montreal Screwjob was real

The Montreal Screwjob went down as one of the most notorious unscripted events in WWE history. But Road Dogg isn’t convinced that it’s actually real.

Throughout his career, the public warmed to the wrestler, who became a cult hero. He initially shot to fame as one half of the New Age Outlaws, who became part of D Generation X. The charismatic performer impressed in the WWE with his ability on the mic and dedication to providing spectators with the best possible match-ups.

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With the help of his partner Billy Gunn, he picked up six WWF Tag Team Championships before they made a triumphant comeback to win a further Raw Tag Team Title 17 years after their first. He also found success as a singles competitor, winning the Intercontinental Championship and the Hardcore title.

Following the end of his in-ring carer, Road Dogg used his creativity to explore other opportunities in the industry. He began writing for Smackdown and, in 2019, started coaching classes on delivering promos and character development. But in January 2022, Vince McMahon released him from his contract.

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However, his career isn’t over by any stretch. He could join his former tag team partner at AEW, and let’s not forget his podcast. The American co-presents ‘You Didn’t Know’ and doesn’t pull his punches over any of the industry’s secrets. And on a recent episode of the show, he went all in.

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What was the Montreal Screwjob?

On November 9, at Survivor Series, the world stood still as they witnessed one of the most controversial moments in sporting history.

McMahon allegedly influenced the result of a match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Although ‘The Hitman’ expected to win the contest, the chairman ensured that ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ got his hand raised.

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Despite his opponent not tapping, Michaels won the title via Hart’s iconic ‘Sharpshooter’, which left the Canadian icon furious. He smashed up the set and even spat at McMahon, who wiped saliva from his hair. However, despite the apparent betrayal, Road Dogg still believes it could’ve been staged.

In a segment of his podcast, he addressed the famous event: “When you go to the arena, and it’s a TV or Pay-Per-View day, you kind of just stick to your match, and at this point, that’s what I did. I remember I wasn’t watching the show at the time. But I probably should have been. I could have learned something, but I didn’t see what happened.

“All of a sudden, everybody was running to the monitors to try to find out what was going down. What I remember that night the most was two things. One, the loogie that Bret spit on Vince McMahon like, holy mackerel, man.

“Yeah, that was disgusting, but what a shot, what an aim, like it was great. Then I remember staying late at the building and Vince coming out of the locker room with a big red and purple eyeball. From what I understand, he let Bret swing on him. I don’t doubt that one bit because that’s the kind of man Vince is.

“I’m still not 100% sure it was all real, and that’s just me being honest with you. I know I’m cynical because I’m a wrestler, I’m one of the boys, and I think everything’s a work.”

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