Ronaldo Nazario: Top five goals of the Brazilian legend’s career

Before Cristiano Ronaldo began his reign of terror, Ronaldo Nazario cemented his place as the best player on the planet, and to celebrate his remarkable career, we’re looking back at his top five goals.

Blessed with formidable talent and an unrelenting win, the Brazilian sensation set the footballing world alight. Representing Inter Milan and Real Madrid as well as his beloved national side, Ronaldo scored an array of spectacular finishes, so without further ado, let’s have a stroll down memory lane.


5) Ronaldo Nazario vs Spartak Moscow

A player of Ronaldo’s astonishing standard is used to operating on the optimum standard of pitch. But the key to being a legend is to be able to perform to your best regardless of the circumstances. And in 1998, during a Champions League semi-final against Spartak Moscow, the icon did just that.

Playing on a muddy field, he wriggled through challenges, played a beautiful one-two with Ivan Zamorano, left two defenders in the dust and finished with a level of precision only the greats can muster.

4) Ronaldo Nazario vs Lazio

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When Inter Milan needed him most, Ronaldo rose to the occasion. Playing in the final of the 1998 Champions League, the Itaguaí native produced one of the best goals of his life.

With 20 minutes left on the clock, Ronaldo expertly beat the offside trap, sprinting into his opposition’s half with just Luca Marchegiani to beat. Then, with remarkable composure, he glided past the shot-stopper, leaving him on his backside, before planting the ball into the back of the net.

3) Ronaldo Nazario vs Manchester United

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Proving you don’t need a six-pack and enormous biceps to conquer the world of sport, ‘Fat Ronaldo’ broke the mould, showing everyone that you can make it to the top with a ‘Dad bod’.

Travelling to Old Trafford for an epic encounter with Manchester United, the Ballon d’Or winner rendered the home fans stunned with a hat-trick that has lived long in the memory.

The last of his three finishes showcased Ronaldo at his brilliant best. Driving the defenders back, the player let his shot go from distance, firing the ball past a helpless Fabian Barthez.

2) Ronaldo Nazario vs Racing Santander

In his Barcelona days, Ronaldo was truly a sight to behold. With an electric pace and a magnificent eye for goal, the footballing juggernaut left many a defender quaking in their boots, including the four Racing Santander players protecting the net.

Controlling the ball with his chest with his back to goal, Ronaldo looked trapped but with a player of his class, the ability to adapt is never in doubt.

He swivelled and controlled the ball past the defenders, leaving the backline speechless before finishing the effort from the most acute of angles.

1) Ronaldo Nazario vs Compostela

At just 19, Ronaldo exhibited just how high his ceiling truly was. Having just signed for Barcelona for a record-breaking fee of $19.5 million, the youngster knew he needed to hit the ground running. And, of course, he did.

In his first six appearances, the teenager bagged five goals, exciting fans across the globe with just how far he could go. Then, in possibly the highlight of his career, in a game against Compostela, Ronaldo picked up the ball in his own half, remaining on balance despite the opposition kicking away at his legs.

Showcasing his fighting heart, the formidable athlete, kept working his way forward, utilising his unrivalled skills to make his way through the midfield and into the box, before producing a moment of sheer brilliance, to navigate his way past the defence and put his name in lights.

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