Ronnie O’Sullivan compares himself to Russell Crowe in brilliant post-match interview

Ronnie O’Sullivan secured a 10-5 victory over David Gilbert in the first round of the World Snooker Championship – and gave some typically brilliant post-match comments.

‘The Rocket’ got off to a slow start at the Crucible, losing the opening three frames of his opening round match.

However, the six-time world champion recovered to win six frames in a row to lead 6-3 at the end of the opening session.

Gilbert secured the first two frames to pull back into contention when the players returned on Sunday. From there, O’Sullivan polished off the final four frames, adding a century break to the two he compiled in the previous session.

O’Sullivan faces disciplinary action

After his first-round victory, however, ‘The Rocket’ may need to take a short trip to face a disciplinary committee.

That is because he was spotted performing a lewd gesture during the match.

The incident was captured on Instagram by fellow professional Matthew Selt, who captioned the clip: “What an ambassador.”

Ronnie O’Sullivan references Russell Crowe, Serena Williams in an incredible interview

Speaking to the media after his win, Ronnie O’Sullivan compared himself to ‘Gladiator’ star Russell Crowe. He also namedropped fellow sporting legends, Serena Williams and Tiger Woods.

He told BBC Sport: “I am out there playing, enjoying it and just trying to compete. It is like Gladiator. Russell Crowe has a hole in his arm and knows he is going to die, but you just have to find a way. That’s what gladiators do.

“I probably wasn’t born to play snooker, but I was born to do something with a ball. I just wish it would have been another sport where my temperament would have been suited to it – I find snooker challenging.

“To be the best at something, it takes graft, time and effort. Sometimes you ask yourself: ‘Why am I doing this?’

“I was never born a winner, but I had to have it drummed into me. A bit like Serena Williams and Tiger Woods, I had that type of father figure where I was told, ‘You are going to be a success’. I wasn’t that bothered, but I was toughened up mentally. I was mentored that way.”

Ronnie O'Sullivan
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O’Sullivan is known for his entertaining interviews, but he is also known for his incredible World Snooker Championship record.

‘The Rocket’ has won six titles at the Crucible. He needs just one more to match the record held by Stephen Hendry. Can he go all the way once again this year?

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