Mickie James defends fan after Instagram picture with him sparks online abuse

Former WWE star Mickie James has defended a fan after an Instagram photo of the pair sparked online abuse.

James is currently signed to Impact Wrestling, where she is a former four-time Knockouts Champion. She took the belt with her to WWE for this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble, where she made a brief appearance.

The 42-year-old was at a charity event titled Dresslemania on April 2, hosted by GAW TV. It aims to raise money from the auctions of dresses. One fan took a photo of the pair standing together.

The fan in question posted a photo of himself with James. It was accompanied by the tagline: “This is my favourite picture of me and Mickie James. It’s like we’re going to the prom. I love you.”

Image Credit: Instagram

The image sparked some backlash from wrestling fans. One fan described the photo as “uncomfortable”, whilst another added that it was “beyond weird”. Some did, however, suggest that there may be context behind the photo.

James has now corrected the record in a lengthy statement in a separate Instagram post. She revealed that she had, in fact, asked the fan for the photo, as he had contributed close to $4,000 towards her charities.

Mickie James responds to fan backlash

Taking to Instagram, Mickie James said: “It has come to my attention that our friend has been completely annihilated on social media about this picture, so I feel the need to set the record straight.

Image Credit: Mickie James / Instagram

“I personally asked Leonard to take this photo with me at the #DresslemaniaII party at @wrestlecon because I thought it would be funny and special because he has been so supportive from day 1.

“The reason I had asked Leonard to take this what I thought would be “fun” photo with me is because I knew he was currently bidding on a bunch of the dresses, one being MINE. Over the past two Dresslemania events, Leonard has personally donated close to $4,000 to our charities. $2,000 being that of my dress alone that he did win this year with 100% going to @namicommunicate.”

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She added: “The saddest part about all of this is that if you’ve actually ever met Leonard, you’d know he’d never ask anyone to take this photo with him.

“The biggest irony is that an event that was meant to bring folks together over the importance of mental health in and around this business caused someone very kind so much mental distress. It’s shameful. I’m so sorry.”

Featured Image Credit: WWE