Roy Keane and Gary Pallister stopped talking after heated 4 AM row during Manchester United pre-season tour of Marbella

If you played alongside Roy Keane, at some point, you had an argument with him. But during a fiery night in Spain, Gary Pallister really lost it with the Irishman.

While renowned for his incredible ability, over the years, Keane has established himself more so, as one of the most aggressive players in the game. With a frightening aura and a witty tongue, most players didn’t want to get on the wrong side of him. Therefore, when Pallister gave him a bit back, it really kicked off.

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While preparing for the 1997/98 season, the pair engaged in a shocking clash in the heat of the Marbella sun.

Speaking to AceOdds via the Daily Star, Pallister said: “We had a fallout in a pre-season tour. We were both stubborn enough.

“It was funny because we’d shake hands before a game and sort of laugh, but neither of us would break the ice. So we went through the whole season being like that.”

Roy Keane and Gary Pallister settle their differences

With Pallister deciding to leave Manchester United, it only made sense that they’d shake hands and move on.

The ex-player revealed: “And then it was actually the year I left. I came back to get my stuff out of the Cliff [Man United’s old training ground], my boots and trainers and things like that. And he was walking down the corridor into the home dressing room when I was walking out.

“We start walking into each other, and we both started laughing, and he put his hands out and shook my hand, and he just wished us all the best at Middlesbrough, and that’s how the ice was broke.

“I mean, we’re fine now, but it was just weird. Neither of us would sort of be the first one to offer the hand up and say, right, let’s be mates.

“Just stubbornness on both of our behalf, really, I think. But that’s how it all panned out in the end.”

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Obviously, Keane looks back on the incident with an overwhelming feeling of amusement.

He’s been quoted by The Sun, saying: “I had a fight with Gary Pallister one night in Marbella somewhere, but it was 4 o’clock in the morning. It was no big deal.

“But it’s good because it lets off a bit of steam. When you’re in a dressing room full of lads, sometimes you need a bit of an argument.”

In regards to fallouts, unsurprisingly, the Cork native has many a story to tell.

He once traded leather with Peter Schmeichel, and on another occasion, he booted off at Ruud Van Nistelrooy over the headband he was wearing during his early days at Old Trafford.

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