Roy Keane’s experience at a Neil Diamond gig went exactly how you’d expect

If you were wondering what kind of experience Roy Keane had when he went to a Neil Diamond gig, then you’re in luck.

The former Manchester United and Celtic midfielder is hardly the most easy-going persona in the world, and that fearsome reputation he built himself on the field has somewhat continued into his punditry career. Micah Richards is doing his best to soften him up though.

Last night during the build-up to England’s Euro 2020 semi-final against Denmark, with Sweet Caroline bellowing around Wembley, Gary Neville revealed that Roy has actually been to a Neil Diamond concert in the past – but the evening didn’t go exactly to plan.

Neil’s performance wasn’t the issue, that was “brilliant” according to the Irishman. No, it was someone in the crowd that Keane had taken issue with on his evening out.

Neville started the conversation by saying: 

“You know Roy has been to a concert of Neil Diamond, you know that don’t you?” 

At that point, Keane detailed the amusing series of events. 

“He’s brilliant. It was about 10 years ago – but I ended up arguing with the woman next to me. She kept singing all the songs out loud so I ended up in a bit of trouble that night but brilliant concert!”

Roy Keane may not be a world class footballer anymore, but we imagine he’ll continue to do well in the realm of punditry for many years to come.

England, on the other hand, will be singing Sweet Caroline all the way through until Sunday when they face Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

Featured image credit: Getty