Saul claims Atletico are kicking him out amid links away from club

Midfielder Saul has made the extraordinary claim that his club, Atletico Madrid, are trying to kick him out of this transfer window.

Barcelona are reportedly looking to bring in the midfielder but are in financial trouble, having only just managed to tie down their star player, Lionel Messi, on a new contract.

The Catalan club are hopeful of getting a bunch of players off their books in order to bring fresh faces in, and among them is Saul.

The club was initially looking at Gini Wijnaldum, the former Liverpool midfielder, but he joined up with Paris-Saint Germain.

A video captured by El Desmarque suggests that Saul is actually being shoved out by the club.

When the player stopped to sign autograph out by Atleti ‘s pre-season training base, he was heard saying: “They’re [Atletico] kicking me out of here, man.”

Barca financial woes

A report in Marca explains the problems which are facing Barcelona at present.

It reads: “Cuts have had to be made, and it looks like players will need to prepare themselves for further cost-cutting measures.

“The situation at the Camp Nou is worrying, so worrying in fact that new club president has applied for a 500-million-euro loan from Goldman Sachs, 100 million euros of which will be paid to the club before the end of this month.

“The club’s total losses for this season are around 300 million euros, bringing their total to about 1.2 billion.

“Players already took a financial hit last season to help the club and are going to have to prepare themselves to do the same again this campaign.

“Some are upset however about having to save the club from this situation that they have brought on themselves, with huge sums of money paid for players who hardly play for example.

“They feel it’s unfair that they’re expected to pay for mistakes made by those in charge of the club.”

Featured image credit: Getty