Security guard with balls of steel doesn’t flinch as McGregor aims kick at him

Footage has emerged of a security guard barely even flinching when confronted with a kick from Conor McGregor.

UFC 264 was an insane event, all things considered, but there were also a few moments that left fans questioning what had just happened – with many taking place in the main event.

Conor McGregor met Dustin Poirier for the third time and, for the second time in six months, he was beaten by “The Diamond” with a leg break rendering Conor unable to continue.

As Poirier was entering the cage, however, McGregor was looking as sharp as he has done in a long time.

Part of his warm-up process tends to involve moving around the octagon to get his bearings, and this time, it also featured him throwing a fake “kick” at the security guard standing opposite him.

It would’ve been great to see the UFC’s official feed capture this moment, from the security guard no selling the kick to McGregor giving him an amusing show of respect after the fact.

Of course, the main story here has to be the unbelievable rise and progress of Dustin Poirier, a man who has been knocked down and gotten back up again more times than we can count.

The next step in his development appears to be a UFC lightweight title fight against Charles Oliveira later this year, but because of everything that happened on Saturday, it’s not hard to picture a scenario in which he faces McGregor for a fourth time.

That probably isn’t going to be seen as very “fair” by the majority of hardcore fans, and yet we still don’t think UFC president Dana White is going to care so long as the numbers are looking good.

Props to this security guard, though, because if Conor came at us like that we’d probably pass out.

Featured image credit: Getty