Shearer opens up on Keane feud, “why would you be scared?”

Alan Shearer has opened up on his historical feud with Roy Keane, saying he has never been “scared” of the former Manchester United captain.

The two men were famously involved in an incident in the closing stages of a match back in September 2001, when the Red Devils took on Shearer’s Newcastle United at St James’ Park in the Premier League.

With the Magpies 4-3 up in the closing stages, Shearer took the ball into the corner whilst being pursued by Keane and Gary Neville.

It went out for a throw-in. The Irishman then picked the ball up and threw it at Shearer’s head.

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Keane then aimed a hand in Shearer’s direction and was sent off by the referee. He then attempted to square up to the Newcastle forward – who did not react – as he exited the pitch.

Now, in an interview with UMM, Shearer was asked whether he was the only man on the planet who wasn’t scared of Keane.

He replied: “Scared of him? Why would you be scared of Roy Keane? His bark’s worse than his bite.

“I wouldn’t back off then and I wouldn’t back off now.”

Shearer’s past comments on Keane incident

Shearer had previously opened up about the incident on the Match of the Day podcast last year.

He said: “We were beating them at St. James’ Park and he wanted to take a quick throw-in and he’d been at me all game as he normally was.

“It was about three or four minutes before the end of the game. I can’t remember exactly what I said, I called him some sort of name.

“He got the red card and I remember having a little smile and thought: ‘I’ve done you a kipper here. I can’t believe you’ve fallen into that little trap’.

“The steam was coming out of his ears, and then the final whistle goes and I’m thinking, ‘Do I run straight off? Do I try and get up there?’ Because I knew for a fact that Roy would be waiting at the top of the tunnel.

“So I say thanks and shake hands and what have you, and there’s this big commotion at the top of the tunnel.

“I look up and there’s Roy, he’s waiting for me at the top of the tunnel.”

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