Simon Jordan challenged to a fight by Laurence Bassini in bizarre exchange

Ex-Watford chairman Laurence Bassini has challenged talkSPORT presenter Simon Jordan to a fight in the latest saga in a week-long spat between the pair.

Simon Jordan is not afraid to speak his mind. When it came to Bassini’s own claims that he was close to taking over Championship side Birmingham City, Jordan did not shy away from sharing his views.

The former Crystal Palace owner disputed Bassini’s claims, ultimately resulting in a fiery debate on talkSPORT.

Who is Laurence Bassini?

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Laurence Bassini rose to prominence in football during his stint as chairman of Watford between May 2011 and June 2012.

Bassini’s tenure at Watford was turbulent, due to the owner being accused many times of financial impropriety.

He was found guilty of dishonesty over financial dealings, and owed the club £1.5 million. In 2013, the former parent company of Watford Football Club, of which Bassini was listed as the last director remaining on the books as per Company House records, was wound up.

The following year, Bassini was ordered to pay more than £4.4 million to Watford’s former directors. He was declared bankrupt later that year, for the second time.

Since his ownership of Watford, Bassini has gained notoriety for his failed attempts to acquire Bolton Wanderers and Charlton Athletic. His latest venture is an attempt to purchase Birmingham City, which hasn’t gone without controversy.

Jordan sparks row with Bassini

After reports emerged that Bassini wanted to buy the Blues, Jordan gave his views. He called the former Watford owner “odd” and disputed claims that he was close to acquiring the football club.

On Friday, Bassini phoned into Jordan’s show, which he co-hosts with Jim White, which sparked an incredible interview.

Bassini said he was “sick and tired of people talking so much rubbish”, before making a series of claims about his potential ownership of the Midlands club.

Jordan then fired back, simply asking Bassini if he was taking over the club, which sparked four minutes of comical radio.

Birmingham City’s prospective new owner said to Jordan: “You’re a failed owner of Crystal Palace!” to which Jordan responded: “But I’m not a buffoon!”

The entire interview lasted for over seven minutes, as both individuals continued to row back and forth.

Laurence Bassini challenges Simon Jordan to a fight

Later that evening, Simon Jordan tweeted after he received a challenge from Laurence Bassini. After their spat on the radio, he offered the talkSPORT presenter out for a fight.

Bassini outlined that he wished to take on Jordan in a £1 million charity bout, and said he would give the ex-Palace owner a “good hiding”. However, Jordan assured his followers that he would not be stepping into the ring.

He added the message: “Laurence is more suited to a circus ring than a boxing ring. Given I’m not 12, I won’t be taking him up on his offer.”

Bassini had earlier offered Jordan a £100m charity bout during the show, with Tyson Fury in the Italian’s corner.

You get the sense that this spat is far from over. But what is certain is that Jordan’s preference is to settle their argument with words rather than in a boxing ring.

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