Sir Alex Ferguson shares key motivation tactic in new documentary clip

In a snippet from his upcoming documentary, Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed how he used to motivate players during his management days.

Ferguson, 79, is best known as one of the greatest football managers of all time. The heart of his career came from his phenomenal spell with Manchester United where he had unrivaled success across more than two decades.

The king motivator

From “Fergie Time” to the trophies he captured, it’s safe to say nobody will replicate what he’s accomplished in English football any time soon.

Now, his run is set to be showcased in the form of an Amazon Prime Video documentary known as Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In.

In a newly released snippet of the doc, Ferguson talks about the methods he used to motivate his players.

“I used to lie in bed thinking about themes where I could address the players that would make an impact on them. You know? I would talk about miners, shipyard workers, welders, toolmakers. You know, people who’ve come from poor backgrounds.” Ferguson explains in the footage.

“And I used to ask them, what did your grandfather do? What did your father do? But I have to get the feeling inside them that what their grandfathers worked for and their grandmothers is part of them.” 

“I come from Govan. I’m a Govan boy.”

Along with the ridiculous list of achievements, it was Sir Alex’ ability to get the best out of just about anyone who played under him, whatever their level.

He often saw something in them that they couldn’t even see in themselves, and that’s a a huge part of his lasting legacy.

For those interested in watching it, and why wouldn’t you be? Never Give In is set to be released on May 29.

Featured image credit: Getty