Sporf’s deep dive into FIFA 22’s upcoming Volta

FIFA 22 will have with it once its popular Volta – the best way to showcase your tricks and skills on the game.

In FIFA, the developers have prioritised rewarding players for beating their man with flare. This has led to the introduction of the Skills Meter system. With this, you can beat up your metre and make your next goal worth more.

Some of the ways you can boost this:

  • Making a fancy pass fills up the bar by 100
  • A successful wall pass awards 200
  • Beating an opponent using a Skill Move is 300
  • Nutmeg an opponent for 800
  • Dispossessing the other team awards 100.
    The Skill Meter is broken down into 3 sections, and each section takes 1,000 Points to fill.
    It’s important to note that at the time of this article being published, the points are not
    necessarily final and may change before or after FIFA 22 launches.

Signature Abilities is a new way to get past your opponent. You can use lightning pace or even tackles.

That’s right – now you can unleash devastating shoulder barges and slide tackles; you can knock your
opponents to the ground and not have to face the consequences.

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Two-Player Celebrations

That’s right – you can celebrate with a friend by running toward them. You can trigger a variety of different celebrations, such as high-fives, leapfrogs, and much more.


When you first start your avatar will be at 82 overall with five-star skill moves and five-star weak football. You can get your avatar to 96 overall by making use of the skill points, of which you can upgrade through the games you play. There is an emphasis on improving your avatar to either playmaking, shooting, dribbling, or channelling your inner-Patrick Vieira with physicality.

Skill Tree
The skill tree, for the most part, has been left untampered with. But there has been one or two bits of tweaking to the system, There have made it so every upgrade on the skill tree feels more impactful, while insignificant attribute
gains and the confusing titles are gone.

There are three branches to choose from:
● The attacking tree will make you an ace at putting the ball in the back of the net, but
you’ll be a bit more reliant on your friends to win the ball back and make a play.
● The middle branch is for moving the ball around and making plays with dribbling and
passing Attribute boosts.
● The final branch is all about the physical and defensive play; laugh as people try to push you
off the ball and use your muscle to win it back for your team.
And as before, it’s quick and painless to reset your Skill Tree and redistribute your Skill Points if
you want to change roles.

Volta arcade

  • Party up with three additional players, including friends and/or other players from the VOLTA FOOTBALL Community.
  • Play a tournament consisting of four randomly selected 2v2 and free-for-all Party Games.
  • Earn points based on your performance in each Party Game.
  • Score the most points across all four Party Games to win the tournament.
  • Earn VOLTA COINS and VOLTA SEASON XP for participating.
    There will be eight Party Games available at launch, with a bunch more to come post-launch.
    The initial eight are:
    Pair up in teams of two and dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way to victory! Earn points for drilling your friends and foes with footballs. The first team to score 15 points wins.
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Foot tennis
That’s right, you can volley, lob, and smash the ball back and forth with style. Either test your accuracy or trick your opponents with lobs and drinks, it’s up to you. The rules are simple: just don’t let the ball hit the ground twice or you’ll lose the point. And it’s the first team to score ten points who wins.

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Volta squads

Indeed the squads return for FIFA 22, but with a number of improvements and updates along the way. Implemented is a new streamlined way to connect and play online with friends.

Online Focused 4v4
Play 4v4 small-sided football with up to 3 friends, or drop in and join other members of the
We removed the In-game positions to enable more free-flowing football. We wanted players to
be able to attack and defend when the situation calls for it instead of feeling forced into specific
positions or roles for the duration of the match.
The stadium is now randomly selected from a pool of stadiums that will update each season.
Each stadium can have walls or no walls to create variety in gameplay.

New Lobby and Additional Squads Updates

● Quickly access your friends list to invite them to your lobby
● Played a match recently with a drop-in teammate you’re not yet friends with? Just tab
over to “Recent Teammates” to send them a friend request
● Anyone in the party can invite a friend, so the host doesn’t need to have a full group to
get started.
Changing Game Modes
● Keep your lobby together as you easily switch modes between VOLTA SQUADS and
VOLTA ARCADE, without the need to disband and resend invites
More Info On Player Card
● Player Cards now show each player’s equipped Signature Ability so the team can make
tactical changes before the next game.
● Players Cards also show additional statuses in a lobby, like whether a player is
customizing or shopping.
Objectives Tracker
● Take a quick glance at the objectives tracker to view your next Weekly Objectives before
your next match

Volta seasons

VOLTA SEASONS is a new approach to releasing content throughout VOLTA FOOTBALL 22.
Seasons will update on an approximately 6-week cadence and feature a wealth of new content
● Seasonal Gameplay Environments
● Seasonal Clothing Collections
● Seasonal Progression Unlocks
● Weekly Objectives
● VOLTA SEASONS Lobby Environment

Solo Online Play
The onus this year is to give people the challenge of facing other humans online. The hope is that this year’s title can be the platform to spring from, that relationships can be forged and a decent community is built.

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Featured image credit: EA Sports