St. Pauli will produce their own kits to ensure they’re sustainable enough

German cult icons, St. Pauli, have built a reputation as being a firmly anti-establishment club and admirable leaders when it comes to social causes.

It’s only natural then, that the Hamburg-based side have opted to produce their own kits, as other major sponsors were unable to meet their high sustainability standards in terms of production.

A statement on the official club website reads: “The club has been working on the project since 2018, looking for a kit supplier that produces performance wear sustainably and transparently and supports fair trade. As no external provider was able to meet the criteria in full, the club will assume responsibility for production itself in future.”

“In launching our own teamsport collection, we remain steadfastly on our path of independence. The strength of a member-run club is reflected in the implementation of our members’ ideas,” says club president Oke Göttlich. “In this way, we can face any crisis together. DIIY, incidentally, is derived from the term DIY, or do it yourself. That’s exactly what FC St. Pauli is all about – not just moaning, but doing it better yourself.”

St. Pauli’s new shirts will be worn for the 2021/22 season and will be available for pre-order in December. The wider collection, aptly named DIIY, will be on sale starting May 2021.

Featured image credit: Getty