Steven Gerrard: Top 5 greatest goals

A Champions League winner and a Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard is undeniably a Premier League great. With supreme technical ability and the footballing IQ to match, the icon regularly left his supporters in raptures. Scoring a whopping 186 goals in 710 appearances, the Anfield icon put his name in lights on numerous occasions. So to honour his legacy, we’re looking back at his best finishes.

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5) Steven Gerrard vs AC Milan (2005)

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While it may not match the standard of the other goals on the list, its importance warrants credit.

When Liverpool collided with AC Milan in the Champions League Final, after a terrible first-half, all hope looked lost. Staring at a three-goal deficit, the Liverpudlian side may as well have packed their bags and headed home.

But as he often did, Gerrard rose to the occasion. His headed goal inspired one of the greatest comebacks of all time, and gave the fans a memory that will last forever.

4) Steven Gerrard vs Manchester United (2011)

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After a spell away from the first team, the playmaker bounced back with a vengeance. During a hotly contested game against the club’s fiercest rivals, he stepped up to a free-kick with a point to prove.

Utilising his laser-like accuracy he found a gap between Ryan Giggs and Danny Welbeck and slotted the ball in the bottom corner, before knee-sliding in front of his adoring crowd.

3) Steven Gerrard vs Middlesborough (2005)

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The best midfielders all ooze an extra special sense of creativity, and Gerrard was no different. Even attempting the half-volley from that far out required courage, never mind actually having the tools to put it in the back of the net. But regardless, Gerrard struck the ball as sweet as a nut and saw it fly past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net.

2) Steven Gerrard vs Olympiacos (2004)

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I never played professional footballer, but I can imagine the awful feeling of watching the footballing great gearing up to strike the ball on the edge of the box.

And you’ll be unsurprised that the emotions I’d feel would be far from good. In a moment that stood the world on its head, Gerrard smashed the ball into the back of the net, to the shrieks of “Gerrraaaaard,” followed by Andy Gray screaming: “Ohhhhh you beauty, what a hit, son, what a hit!”

1) Steven Gerrard vs West Ham (2006)

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After pulling up with cramp, Gerrard’s FA Cup final looked destined to end in heartbreak. However, in a testament to his mindset, he overcame the immense hurdle standing in his way.

From 30 yards away, he struck the ball beautifully, rendering several players spellbound as it sailed past Shaka Hislop and into the bottom corner.

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