Stone Island reportedly close to taking over Italian Serie C side

Stone Island are said to be on the verge of taking over Italian Serie C side Modena, as per Gazzetta dello Sport.

Modena are coming off the back of a fourth place Group B finish in the third tier of Italian football, with their hope being that they can kick on and gain promotion through the playoffs this season. If they do so, they’ll move up to Serie B – within just one division of the top flight.

Stone Island – from the terraces to the boardroom?

According to reports, there could be a surprising side-story developing too for the club over the next few weeks.

Stone Island majority owner Carlo Rivetti is reportedly close to completing a takeover of Modena which, culturally, makes a lot of sense given that Stone Island was founded in Ravarino, a province of Modena.

The company has slowly dipped their toe into the sport’s water through sponsorship deals but now, they’re putting forward a proposal that would make history.

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By going through with this, they would become the first major fashion brand to actually own a professional football club.

Some won’t be all too concerned with that statistic but in terms of club ownership, it could open up the door for some really intriguing crossovers in the next few years and decades.

Plus, for Modena, it could help them to rise back up to Serie A for the first time since their relegation in 2004.

Modena supporters will be eager to focus on what’s happening on the pitch for the time being but as we look ahead to the summer transfer window, it seems as if things could start to get interesting in a hurry.

The club now await their next opponents in the third round of the playoffs which will begin towards the end of this month.

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