Talking Belgian Waffles, Pink Hair and Life in the Law with Red Bull Street Style Global Champion — Jay Hennicke

After achieving his lifelong dream of winning the Red Bull Street Style Global Championships, an overjoyed Jay Hennicke spoke to Sporf about everything from his friendship with Erlend Fagerli to the pink hair he sported at last year’s tournament.

Blessed with remarkable talent and undeniable intelligence exhibited through his law degree, the Australian star has cemented his place as one of the best freestylers on the planet. Oozing star power and charisma, the sporting icon showcased a mesmerising bag of tricks to win the respect of the judges and the crowd in Brussels, Belgium.

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Jay Hennicke is the new Red Bull Street Style Global Champion

After defeating Pagu and Tristan Gac, the Aussie hero went toe-to-toe with Jesse Marlet in a final that captivated the roaring spectators. The two titans of the sport produced a remarkable show, with each going above and beyond in an attempt to win the coveted title. But there could only be one winner Hennicke.

Upon hearing the result, the 24-year-old, overcome with emotion, crumbled to the floor with his competitors gathering around him in a huggle, perfectly displaying the community aspect of this rapidly rising sport.


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In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he said: “I didn’t expect it. When I got the win over Pagu, and it was razor close, I was like, ‘Oh right, cool, let’s go’. And then to face Tristan, who’s one of my best friends, and to win so close again, I was like, ‘Cool’, and I did not expect to beat Jesse. I felt amazing on stage all night and really comfortable. I think that’s because I was freestyling and battling with some of my best friends up there. The energy was crazy; the crowd brought a great atmosphere, thanks to Brussels.

“In my battle with Tristan, one of the judges changed his vote to me at the last second, and I would’ve lost if it wasn’t for that. I have no words.”

Jay Hennicke loves Belgian Waffles

Having finally reaped the rewards of dedicating his life to the sport he holds so close to his heart, Hennicke couldn’t wait to hit Brussels hard and indulge in a delicious Belgian waffle.

He beamed: “Absolutely, I hear the chocolate is pretty good here too. Do you have any recommendations?”

After informing the Aussie that he had to give a Lotus Biscoff Waffle a try, we discussed the pink hair that he sported in last year’s competition, which took place in a magnificent Croatian Amphitheatre.

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However, with the academic working hard to pave a career for himself in the law, it doesn’t look like his fluorescent look is making a comeback any time soon.

Hennicke laughed: “This is natural. I am a professional man now in my normal life, so I can’t really go for bright blue or something ludicrous like that. Back to natural for now.”

And it’s fair to say he can’t wait to get back to fighting for justice in the courtroom.

He said: “I’ll get back to work and back to the training room. I’ve got everything in my freestyle career now. I’m happy as it is, and I don’t think it changes anything. I just wanna keep evolving and keep being part of this amazing community.”

Jay Hennicke dedicates his success to Erlend Fagerli

In a moment of shock, in his last ever match, the greatest freestyle footballer of all time, Erlend Fagerli, exited the competition in the quarter-finals. But while his career is over, the influence he’s had on the growth of the sport and helping his fellow athletes, will never be forgotten. And Henicke is thrilled that he had the opportunity to work alongside a man whose achievements will live on in the hearts of freestyle football fans for the rest of time.

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Hennicke explained: “Erlend is one of the people that I regard in the highest degree in my life. He’s been such a good mentor to me and one of my best friends for many years. I’m not sure if I’d be here without his guidance and support in helping me train, practice and giving me the confidence to go forward. I live in Lake Hobart in Tasmania, Australia, so I travel the furthest every time to come to these competitions, and the fact that I still get exposure is thanks to guys like him for uplifting me. I hope to do that for other guys in the scene now.”

Featured Image Credit: Jay Hennicke