Tempers flared as Jake Paul and Ben Askren face off for first time

There were plenty of fireworks when Jake Paul and Ben Askren faced each other for the first time prior to their boxing fight on April 17.

Paul, 24, will take on former Bellator heavyweight champion Askren in what will be the YouTuber’s third professional fight.

He previously defeated fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and ex-NBA player Nate Robinson.

In their first face-to-face meeting, the pair had plenty to say to each other.

The main highlight was when Askren sledged Paul through a glass barrier, before the duo squared up to each other. Askren then ‘facepalmed’ his opponent, which was followed by Paul pushing him away.

Watch the full clip below:

During the press conference, Askren gave his opinion on why Paul had chosen to take him on.

He said: “I’ve been fighting for a long time. Never boxing, but I’ve done wrestling, mixed martial arts, ju-jitsu.

“And I thought, from his [Paul’s] angle, what’s he’s doing?

“I asked some of my kids in my academy: ‘What’s this guy all about?’

“They said, ‘He’s a bully, he’s a d***’.

“So he’s thinking: ‘Who’s the easiest guy that I can pick that can give some validity to my name? Hmm, I’m going to pick the guy that’s just had surgery.'”

Paul then claimed that his easiest fight would have been against UFC fighter Dillon Danis. Danis turned down the opportunity to fight the YouTuber last year.

Earlier on, Paul had called out Jorge Masvidal, who said on Askren (via talkSPORT): “That dude’s still alive? Tell him I like his flip-flops, man.”

After all the action was complete, Oscar de la Hoya then emerged onto the stage – alongside Snoop Dogg – to reveal that he wants to make a boxing comeback at the age of 48.

It was an eventful evening.

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