The bizarre reason The Iranian Hulk’s bare-knuckle boxing career collapsed

Fans around the world couldn’t wait for the Iranian Hulk to debut in BKFC. But due to a bizarre turn of events, his fight never happened.

The internet sensation’s in-ring debut against strongman Martyn Ford is just around the corner. After a long back and forth, the two giants can’t wait to set foot in the squared circle and settle their beef once and for all. But after a concerning face-off, fans are worried for the Iranian’s safety.

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Earlier this month, the powerlifters went head-to-head in Dubai, and tensions reached boiling point. Ford unleashed an almighty shove which resulted in Hulk crashing towards the concrete. He bravely licked his wounds and rose to his feet, but clearly still engulfed with embarrassment, the 30-year-old attempted a revenge attack.

He lunged forward and tried to drive his rival to the floor. But ultimately, his efforts were in vain. Ford remained composed and defended the takedown attempt with relative ease. The emasculating events have Hulk supporters fearing the worst.

They’re more than aware that the Brit has the advantage in height, athleticism and natural fighting ability. The public agonisingly await a devastating defeat, but regardless, after years of build-up, at least, they’ll finally see what he’s capable of.

This appearance is long overdue for the Iranian. Hulk had been scheduled to enter a ring long before now, though. So what went wrong?

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Why did Iranian Hulk not fight in BKFC?

In 2019, the social media icon revealed that he’d signed a deal to compete in BKFC. During one of the company’s biggest events, ‘Artem Lobov vs Jason Knight’, the promotion aired a package to announce the signing. Their president, David Feldman, boasted about the massive impact the 6 ft 2 would make.

As per The Mirror, he said: “This guy’s going to make his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut in early 2020. We’re going to do a show entitled ‘USA vs Iran: World War III’. He’s literally the biggest signing we’ve ever had. But he’s going to make his way over to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, he’s going to make a home here, and we expect really, really big things from ‘The Iranian Hulk’.”

However, the company ultimately decided against promoting the 390-pound monster because they never received proof that his insanely muscular photos were real. Without this reassurance, BKFC felt they couldn’t move forward with proceedings. But it hasn’t mattered too much to Hulk as ‘BoxStar’ have ridden in to promote the event on April 30 to a packed out Millennium Dome.

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Although fans worry that the Iranian is way out of his depth, his unorthodox training methods have resulted in confusion as to whether he’s ‘catfishing’ them. There’s a tiny glimmer of hope that Hulk’s better than he’s making out. But logic would suggest that it’s more likely that he’s in for a really rude awakening.

Image Credit: Sajad Gharibi’s Instagram account