The face-off between Martyn Ford and Iranian Hulk has fans worried for one fighter

Martyn Ford vs the ‘Iranian Hulk’ is the latest instalment in the crazy world of celebrity boxing. But similarly to a lot of these contests, fans fear that the match-up favours one of the fighters significantly more than the other.

After Thor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall produced a surprisingly high-quality affair, the world is thirsty to see more strongmen take to the ring. Hence the making of this latest collision. But the battle scheduled to take place at the O2 Arena on April 30 doesn’t quite have the same appeal.

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‘The Mountain and ‘The Beast’ had gone back and forth for over half a decade. They shared a genuine sense of hatred and desperately wanted to hurt each other. The bout captivated fans, who wondered whether Hall’s explosivity and power could outweigh Thor’s fundamental boxing skill and size. But in this instance, combat sports enthusiasts already have an inkling about who will win.

Martyn Ford vs The Iranian Hulk

The match, which features a stellar undercard including Manchester United legend Patrice Evra, hasn’t resonated with the public. And this is often the case with mismatches. The grudge began when Ford insulted his opponent, whose real name is Sajad Gharibi, in a viral video.

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This ultimately resulted in them agreeing to settle their rivalry over four two-minute rounds. But in an interview with Iranian channel, TV Plus, as per Daily Mirror, Hulk admitted that he has no experience in the ring.

The bodybuilder said: “I am not a boxer and have never done any boxing training, but I accepted anyway because I thought that if I refused to fight, it all would get worse and worse, and he will believe that I am a coward.”

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Unfortunately for the powerhouse, it doesn’t appear as if his ability in weight lifting has transferred to throwing punches. The limited training footage available indicates that he’s not a natural. But in his defence, he hasn’t had much time to hone his skills.

However, after the emergence of a recent video, the hope of an upset has severely dwindled. Earlier this month, the two met face-to-face in Dubai, and things got physical. Ford pushed his rival and sent him flying towards the ground. Admittedly, he could’ve just caught him by surprise, and with the power of ‘The Nightmare’, most people would hit the floor.

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However, Hulk had a second chance. Despite his efforts, however, he couldn’t take it. The Iranian dusted himself down and rose to his feet. They squared off again, and this time he went for the attack. The 30-year-old grabbed hold of Ford and attempted to drive him forward. The Brit remained composed and shrugged his opponent off.

Some fans fear that this altercation could be foreshadowing the violent affair to come. Ford clearly has the edge in height, athleticism and natural fighting ability. But who knows? Perhaps the Iranian Hulk will surprise us.

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