The final punch stats from Mayweather vs Paul revealed

The final statistics stemming from the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight were revealed in the bout’s aftermath.

Last night in Miami, Mayweather battled Paul in an exhibition bout that didn’t exactly set the world alight. The 50-0 pro boxer decided to tussle with the YouTuber and, in doing so, almost definitely made an awful lot of money – as he tends to do whenever he climbs back into the ring.

Mayweather’s accuracy proves key

Paul managed to make it all the way through the eight round scrap which was in fairness, many didn’t think he would do, although it was fairly obvious to see that Floyd was the one who dictated the pace of the fight.

Now, we can take a look at the actual numbers behind the shots thrown by both fighters.

As you can see, Logan actually threw 217 punches over the course of the evening whereas Mayweather threw just 107. The big issue, obviously, is that Paul landed 28 compared to Floyd’s 43, marking an insane difference of 40% to 13% in terms of strikes landed.

Logan definitely stuck to his word and came out swinging, especially in the first round where he had a big flurry just before the bell. Alas, Mayweather has been in worse situations than that throughout his career and didn’t let it impact him, as he went on to land some big shots of his own.

Things seemed to fizzle out in the latter stages of the fight with clinching playing a big role but with Mayweather failing to secure any kind of real finish, Logan will likely take at least some pride in going the distance.

The next big event in this newfound YouTube boxing world will see Logan’s younger brother, Jake Paul, battle former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in late August.

Featured image credit: Getty