The huge sum of money Barcelona will lose due to Messi’s departure

Barcelona will miss out on millions because of Lionel Messi’s departure from the club.

The Argetina attacker left his side of 21 years this summer window after La Liga wage-cap rules meant Barca were not able to afford his wages.

But in a twist of fate, Barcelona will now lose out on copious sums of money in brand revenue.

A report from Brand Financial has said that the club will, in fact, be around €137 Million out of pocket in that department, with Messi usually bringiing in a lot of money through his commerical enterprises and other such means, such as shirt sales.

The story says the knock-on effect of the move will not be lost, as the club will find themselves without the money Messi brought in via advertising and other means.

Messi deficit

The reporter says that, ccording to the Brand Finance Football 50 2021 report, his loss will be greatly felt.

“Messi’s departure is expected to have direct adverse effects on Barcelona’s future sponsorship income, merchandise sales, and matchday revenue.

“It could also indirectly contribute to a decline of brand value as Barcelona’s brand strength may weaken with diminished fan perceptions and the club’s global following at risk of shrinking.

His global following makes him a highly attractive athlete for corporate sponsors and his presence at the club has undoubtedly allowed Barcelona to bring in more lucrative sponsorship deals.

“Messi has over 240m followers on Instagram, more than double than that of the Barcelona official account (99.5m), a stat personifying the popularity and value he can bring to any team through his sheer following alone.

Barcelona still presents a star-studded line up with his name off the team sheet, but they may take time to adjust without their key man.Messi’s absence from the pitch could cost up to €17m in brand value.

With the famous ‘Messi No. 10’ off the shelves, Barcelona could lose out on €43m in brand value

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