The latest gameplay clip for eSports boxing club has fans hyped

New gameplay footage for the eSports Boxing Club game has been released – and the much-anticipated title continues to excite fans.

Since the EA Sports Fight Night series concluded back in 2011, there hasn’t been great depth in terms of the boxing games.

A VR boxing game titled Creed: Rise to Glory received some favourable reviews from critics when released in 2018, but there’s been little else to choose from.

Now it’s seemingly time for eSports Boxing Club to take centre stage. Set to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC, it’s arguably the most graphically-enhanced boxing game we have ever seen.

The game’s developers, Steel City, have used motion capture in order to produce realistic fighter movements.

A gameplay video was published to YouTube at the end of March. It showcases some of the game’s mechanics, physics and provides information on game modes.

YouTube video

Amongst the key mechanics is a feint system, where the player can adjust their movements and punches during the animations.

There is also what is described as a ‘revolutionary footwork system’. In addition, there’s an adrenaline system, with the developers showcasing an in-game heart rate monitor.

Career mode is also touched upon. Although Steel City say more details will be released in time, fans got a brief viewing of some of the mode’s features, including the use of promoters, coaches and a fight negotiation screen.

A quick glance through the YouTube comments tells you there’s huge excitement surrounding the release.

“I thought a game like this only existed in my dreams.” One of the top comments reads.

“As a grown man, this is the first time in my life that I’m excited about a video game. Gonna have to annual leave early.” Another said.

More confirmed fighters added to in-game roster

In the footage, we see some of the game’s confirmed roster face off. Eddie Hall and David Adeleye’s in-game characters are in the ring throughout most of the clips.

In a separate video, Steel City also confirmed another set of boxers that will feature in the game’s roster.

YouTube video

Amongst those confirmed including boxing legends such as Frank Bruno, and current stars such as Vasyl Lomachenko and Sergei Kovalev.

Two weeks earlier, ESBC also announced that Oleksandr Usyk and Alexander Povetkin were amongst the game’s biggest names. Last year, they confirmed that Joe Frazier will feature as a legend.

You can see the full roster list via the ESBC official website.

Featured Image Credit: eSports Boxing Club game / Steel City