The ten most valuable clubs in world football have been revealed

Barcelona have topped Forbes’ list of the world’s most valuable football teams, it has been announced.

It is the first time in 16 years that neither Manchester United nor Real Madrid have topped the chart.

However, the figures between the two Spanish rivals could not be much closer. Barca lead the way with a value of $4.76 billion, with Real just behind on $4.75 billion.

And they both earned the same revenue ($792 million each) in 2020.

Six English clubs feature in the top ten, with United the highest-placed of those in fourth.

The Red Devils were top of the 2018 list, but have since been overtaken by the two Spanish giants and reigning Champions League winners Bayern Munich.

Most valuable clubs Bayern
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Forbes state that average operating income amongst the top 20 teams on the list has dropped by 70% from 2017/18.

A number of teams in the top 20 list have recorded a loss in terms of operating income. Serie A side Juventus, placed eighth in the list, recorded an operating income of -$14 million in 2020, whilst last season’s Champions League runners-up Paris Saint-Germain recorded figures of -$4.5 million during the same period.

However, the teams themselves are worth an average of $2.28 billion each – an increase of 30% from 2017/18.

Forbes also state that Liverpool‘s value has been increased by 88% since their last valuation, after RedBird Capital acquired a minority stake in Fenway Sports Group, the club’s owners.

Real Madrid, meanwhile, are the team with the most valuable shirt sponsorship. Their deal with Emirates – due to expire next season – is worth an eye-watering total value of $413 million.

In terms of broadcast revenue, Barca tops the list, earning $275 million.

The top 10 in full

Here are the top 10 most valuable teams in world football:

10. Tottenham Hotspur ($2.3 billion)

9. Paris Saint-Germain ($2.5 billion)

8. Arsenal ($2.8 billion)

7. Chelsea ($3.2 billion)

6. Manchester City ($4 billion)

5. Liverpool ($4.1 billion)

4. Manchester United ($4.2 billion)

3. Bayern Munich ($4.215 billion)

2. Real Madrid ($4.75 billion)

  1. Barcelona ($4.76 billion)

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