McGregor manager hits out at “low” Poirier for taking donation feud public

Conor McGregor’s manager Audie Attar has hit out at Dustin Poirier over the recent donation controversy.

Many fans will have seen that in recent days, Poirier has accused McGregor of not following through on a $500,000 donation he said he’d put forward to The Good Fight Foundation.

Conor reacted pretty angrily to that, even suggesting that their trilogy bout on July 10 would be cancelled as a result of Dustin trying to “smear” his name.

The fallout continues

As a result of all this, fans are understandably concerned about the state of their summer showdown.

The belief for weeks now has been that the winner would receive a shot at the UFC lightweight title toward the end of 2021. Right now the belt is vacant, with Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler competing for it at UFC 262.

Alas, all of that’s up in the air as we continue to try and navigate through this chaotic situation.

The aforementioned Attar, who has been by McGregor’s side for years now, labelled Poirier’s decision to go public with the spat as a “low move”.

Whatever the case may be, any goodwill that had been built up between the two men since January seems to have well and truly disappeared. It could cause a major headache for the UFC too if there’s any truth to McGregor’s claim that the fight is off.

A trilogy bout between the two is a huge pull for the promotion, and they’ll want to make sure things are ironed out and locked in as soon as possible.

On the flip-side, a public feud is a great way to sell a PPV, so swings and roundabouts we guess.

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