The terrifying financial threat Everton face if they get relegated from the Premier League

Everton is one of the biggest teams in England, but after a disastrous season, their time in Premier League looks like it’s in jeopardy.

‘The Toffees’ have been a staple of the domestic competition since its inception in 1992. But due to the horrific campaign they’ve endured so far, their world looks set to crash down around them. The Merseyside club is currently in 17th place, just one point above the dreaded relegation zone. And with Burnley hitting form, Everton need to find a burst of magic, and they need to find it quick.

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This season has defied expectations for all the wrong reasons. It’s truly one of the worst in their history. They’ve only won six games out of 25, and their standard is only getting worse. After Rafa Benitez received the boot, their supporters thought things might turn around. But Frank Lampard has struggled to stop the ship from sinking.

On March 7, they lost 5-0 to Tottenham to cement the fact that they’re in danger of plummeting through the cracking ice. But going down to the Championship could cause far more significant damage than mere embarrassment.

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Relegation from the Premier League could spell disaster for Everton

The club faces a massive financial crisis if they’re to get demoted from England’s top flight. Everton have one of the most enormous wage bills in England, which could cause huge problems. According to The Telegraph, first-team squad members don’t have significant relegation clauses in their contracts.

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This ultimately means that the team would have zero relief from the financial pressure of their wage bill. While dropping down would dishearten teams like Norwich, they have the infrastructure to withstand the relegation. Everton don’t have that in place.

Although we don’t know their accounts for this season, their most recent records (2019/20) show that they paid £165 million on wages. Even if that figure has dropped, it’s significantly more than a Championship team can afford to give their players.

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This reality would leave a club whose last accounts showed a £140 million loss in complete disarray. Everton would have no choice but to sell a plethora of their best players – most probably for cut-price fees – which could leave them scrambling around for promotion back to the Premier League for years to come.

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