The wild WWE 2K22 trailer features The Undertaker protecting MGK

One of the most significant events of the wrestling gamer’s calendar occurred today when WWE dropped the trailer for WWE 2K22

Fans await this reveal every year, hoping that the feted franchise can top its previous edition. Judging by the early reception to the trailer, it appears as though WWE and 2K are on the right track. 

It would be hard to get things as wrong as WWE did with their last major entry in this video game series, WWE 2K20. That game was universally panned, with the hashtag #FixWWE2K20 trending on Twitter.

WWE 2K22 new features

Set for a March 2022 release, the game will boast new and returning features. One of the headline comebacks is the GM Mode, which last appeared in Smackdown vs Raw 2008 and is now called ‘MyGM’. 

In response to the criticism heaped upon the franchise in recent years, this game introduces redesigned gameplay controls.

The graphics appear to have undergone a significant improvement now, with playable characters looking crisper than their predecessors. 

There is also the MyFaction feature, which WWE describe thusly: ‘The all-new MyFACTION lets you build a faction that rivals the nWo. Collect, manage and upgrade WWE Superstars with weekly events and regular updates!’

As the nWo reference suggests, they will feature in the game alongside a roster of legends of the past and present superstars from Smackdown, Raw, NXT and NXT UK. With this in mind, Rey Mysterio must feel chuffed at being the chosen superstar to grace the game’s cover.

The Undertaker and MGK

WWE trailers are always wild and wacky; it’s part of their identity as a brand. This advert was no different, with fan favourites hanging out in every room of WWE 2K HQ, often on the cusp of engaging in a physical altercation.

One, in particular, stuck out. 

Divisive musician MGK is the executive producer of the soundtrack for WWE 2K22 and makes an appearance in the trailer. We see him making a racket on a drum kit before a stern authority figure demands that he keep the noise down.

Cue The Undertaker

‘The Dead Man’ confronts this party pooper and goes to grab him. The scene cuts before we see the end of their showdown, but we can only assume that the Undertaker asked him to sit down and discuss why he didn’t appreciate MGK.

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